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If you want to spend a night at pharaoh tomb under the dull lights of cressets, to see Paris from the windows of Cezanne or Monet workshops, sit at the table of UN Secutiry Council in New York City or become an eyewitness of new world records in sports – we have the honor to invite you to join one of our unique programmes.
Our Programmes
"Antique Greece with Alexey Boyco"
Spring 2017
Athens – Dephi - Olympia
"Travel UN!"
January 28 – February 4, 2017
Geneva, Switzerland
ISU World Figure Skating Championship
March 29-April 2, 2017 Helsinki, Finland
Ice Hockey World Championship
May 6-9, 2017
Cologne, Germany
About the Project
Unique Programmes
Each journey is unique. Even if next year we bring our guests to the very same country, route and people are going to be different. We give our guests unique experience, based on longstanding love and knowledge of what we do.
Stalkers / Guides
Each our programme is built around its guide. Guides or stalkers are not just tour guides and specialists in area studies. In some programmes they are people, well known in Russia and abroad. They not only disclose the object, but also share their life experience. In other programmes – they are narrowly focused specialists, guru in their field. Anyway, they are outstanding people and recognized experts: writers, historians, philologists, actors, diplomats, religion activists, fine arts experts and outstanding sportsmen.
Worry-Free Journey
Choose any service you need. You do not want to buy an airplane ticket by yourself? We can do it for you. You are not sure which hotel is better? We can help you in that. You are afraid of getting lost in a new country? Join other participants of the programme whose transportation is organized by our company.
Project exists from 2007. Since then more then 260 people have taken part in it
Visit to the UK Mission to the United Nations in New York, July 2007.
Briefing at UNAIDS, Programme “UN: Prospects and Challenges of globalization”, February, 2009.
Programme “UN in the System of International Relations”, July 2007.
United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland
Meeting with Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, V.Churkin, “Travel UN!”, July 2016
Briefings in UN Headquarters in New York, “Travel UN!”, July 2016
Kiwi bird is our symbol, because our programmes reveal wonders not only in wonders, but also in places,
where everything seems to be already
experienced and learned
Our Team
"Order in everything and travel are two my passions. This is why I plan every our programme till very last detail and try to turn the trip into an unforgettable adventure"
"I would like to invite you to join one of our programmes. Culture, education, sports and art – you are welcome to choose what you like the most"
"Would you like to feel yourself as a travel-journalist or a blogger? Send me your texts and probably you will become one of the authors of our community"
Report on «Travel UN!" Programme
Our first in 2016 programme to the UN is finished. Here you can find everything about how it was, our photos and videos as well as feedbacks from the participants.
Visa to the USA: how to apply for visa?
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